The Inga family produce distilled spirits and liqueurs of premium quality since 4 generations although 1832 is the date of our foundation and related to an old herbs elixir recipe created by a capucine monk.
The founder of the company was the great grandfather of the current owners, Gaetano Inga from Noto, Sicily where in 1900 was producing locally brandy and Marsala wine: in 1920 he decided to move to Piedmont in the village of Serravalle Scrivia where he built up a distillery.
After the end of II° World War, Elio Inga, the nephew, entered the company very young and strongly pushed the brands Inga & Gambarotta till 1966 when he decided to invent a new way of distilling grappa keeping flavors and perfumes, so far much different from the rustic and strong grappa produced
locally and giving the brand name of Grappa Libarna, very successful in the 70/80’ and whose brand being sold in 1983.
Presenty, Lorenzo & Federico Inga, Elio’s sons are taking care of the company and carrying the business and the tradition of the Inga family, producing premium spirits such as varietal grappas, liqueurs, cordials, aperitives with popular brands as Lorenzo Inga Selection, My Grappa, Villa Serravalle, Gran Milano, Maestro Café and launching in 2016 Panarea Gin, a premium distilled Italian gin typically Mediterranean, a really lifestyle brand gaining high consensus and positive feedback domestically and internationally.