Piedmontese grappa and fragrant Sicilian spirits: the Inga family’s products

The Inga family’s Italian liqueurs

For over a century, the Inga family has been following its passion for the production of Italian liqueurs, blending its Sicilian and Piedmontese roots. My Grappa Lorenzo, Inga selection, Villa Serravalle, and Panarea Gin are the brands they have created over the course of almost two centuries of history. Each category includes dozens of products, each painting a vivid picture of a certain time and place. From Antico Amaro di Serravale to Maestro Cafè, the menu tells the story of a company that has always been ready to experiment and respond to changes in the market. Today, alongside the recipes of traditional single-variety grappas, you can find a selection of amari and young distillates for after dinner or as an aperitif. Explore what the Inga family has to offer.

From aged grappa toSicilian gin



Two distinctive recipes for a gin that celebrates the flavors and fragrances of Sicily. A juniper distillate with flavors of lemon, Panarea myrtle and coriander. A more aromatic alternative that adds notes of orange, basil, and grapefruit. Whether enjoyed neat or as a cocktail base, Panarea Gin offers a different experience from most other commercial gins on the market.

LorenzoInga since 1832

The Inga family arrived in Piedmont in the early 1900s. There they took up an ancient tradition and absorbed the teachings of the artisan masters of the area. That original imprinting is still preserved by the yellow monovarietal grappas and blends of Amarone, Barolo and Brunello.


The My Grappa selection, in contrast, includes a series of single varietals white grappas. They are distinguished by the variety of grape they are made with. The collection includes distillates of Gavi di Gavi, Brunello, Barbera, Barbaresco, Recioto, Muller Thurgau, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Prosecco, Dolcetto, Moscato, and Barolo.


The skilled craftsmanship of the Inga family is taken to new heights by blends of different grapes. Aged and refined in wood, these grappas are richly nuanced. The distillery’s product list boasts a wide range of alternatives, with flavors ranging from the smoothest to the most edgy.

LorenzoInga Selection

Cordials have always been part of the Inga family heritage. They have been experimenting with and discovering new recipes for five generations. Today, the menu includes classic limoncello as well as arancello, chocolate cream, bitters, and sambuca. A special mention must be made of the company’s latest arrival: Maestro Cafè.

Antico Amaro di Serravalle

AnticoAmaro di Serravalle

The Inga family owns an antique, handwritten book of recipes from Lorenzo’s great-grandfather Gaetano Inga. It was Gaetano who, at the turn of the 20th century, moved to Serravalle Scrivia from faraway Noto in Sicily, where the family owned lands and distilleries specializing in wines, marsala, and liqueurs.

bitter aperitivo

Gran milanoBitter aperitif

The Inga family has recently launched a tantalizing new aperitif on the Italian and international markets: the Bitter Gran Milano! This product was developed after months of careful study and tasting. The result is a unique liqueur with a bold character, always keeping in mind that it also makes a terrific base for famous cocktails like the Negroni and the Americano.

liquore alla crema di caffè


Many Italian emigrants have gone in search of new dreams in faraway lands. One of those lands is Brazil. As fate would have it, the descendants of the Inga and Dalpozzo families met to develop a unique recipe for an extraordinary product called “Maestro Café”, an aromatic symphony with a delicate note of coffee that reflects the passion and excellence that these two families have put into creating this liqueur.

Panarea-Vodka (1)


Original, unmistakable, Mediterranean. According to tradition, dedicated to the island of Panarea for its typical character. Perfect in cocktails, delicate when sipped neat and ice cold. Panarea vodka will satisfy the tastes and palates of even the most demanding consumers.

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