Panarea Island Gin

Panarea Island Gin is a distilled gin.
It is made from raw materials selected from cereals such as alcohol, juniper distillate & lemon and reinforced by a further concentrated juniper distillate, enriched by the presence of other botanicals including coriander, myrtle berries infusion, orange and lemon peels infusion.
The product is featuring also aromatic fruity notes.
The product contains no artificial flavors, no allergens and is gluten free.
Color: colorless
Perfume and taste: fresh and persistent, typical of juniper, citrus and myrtle.
70cl glass bottle
Alcohol content: 44% vol.

Panarea Island Gin is also enhanced by a special ingredient, the juniper & lemon distillate, obtained by distilling the infusion of Italian juniper berries & Italian lemon peels.
The infusion, at 50% abv, is made by adding the lemon peels into full proof grains alcohol and demineralized water for at least 15 days, after that we add the juniper berries into the lemon infusion for 2 more days and after that we proceed with the vacuum distillation until we get a distilled natural ingredient at 75% abv added in the final product in a limited and secret quantity…