My Cioccolo

The Inga Family is pleased to announce the launch of a new delicious product, a chocolate cream liqueur of high quality, thick and consistent, produced by a blend of some of our best artisanal Italian chocolatiers.
This product will be produced at only 17% Vol, base pure alcohol and a touch of rum, so the impact on the alcohol excise will be very limited but I can tell you that it is very hard to resist to drink a glass of it, as soon as you taste it, the blend of the ingredients makes this product so easy to drink…!!
My Cioccolo will be presented in the baby bottle of 20cl (200ml), while we are finalizing the final packaging of a gorgeous premium packaging of Cioccolo in a regular black bottle of 75cl (750ml), which will take some more time, as our designer is still working to enhance the presentation.
My Cioccolo in baby bottle will be packed in the same cases of 15 bottles, like the other babies..