Past present and future of the Inga Family

La famiglia Inga:a tradition of spirits and liqueur production

For five generations, the Inga family has been committed to carrying on a solid tradition in the production of high quality spirits and liqueurs. The first elixirs of medicinal herbs were elaborated in 1832. That is the date of origin, the moment in which the ancestors of today’s company already began to experiment with the infusions that are still part of the company today. An ancient and peasant knowledge that reaches up to the gates of the twentieth century – a period in which the work of Gaetano Inga in the production of brandy and Marsala wine becomes known in the province of Noto.

The production of artisanal liqueurs inPiemonte

In 1920, Gaetano himself decided to move to Piedmont, in Serravalle Scrivia. There, he took over the Gambarotta factories and started what can be considered the first family distillery. The imminent world conflict inevitably influences the success of the enterprise which, only at the end of the war, can it resume in its work. It is the grandson of Gaetano, Elio, who took over the reins of the business. The turning point came in 1966 when the production of a delicate and fragrant grappa (very different from traditional spirits) established itself on the market for the next decade.


Il presente e il futuro dell’aziendaInga

Grappa Libarna was either appreciated in Italy or abroad. In 1983, the Inga family sold the brand, and a new era of experimentation began. Today, Lorenzo and Federico Inga are actively involved in the research and launch of new products. Current production includes grappas and distillates from multiple grape varieties, sweet liqueurs, and gin. The brands Lorenzo Inga Selection, My Grappa, Villa Serravalle and Gran Milano have only grown over the years, and their product lines are continually expanded with new additions. Whereas Antico Amaro di Serravalle still preserves all the charm of the Inga family’s tradition, Maestro Café and Panarea Gin are fresh recipes that pay homage to the styles and aromas of the Mediterranean – earning national and international acclaim and recognition in the process.

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