Panarea Vodka

Panarea Vodka,Italian Family Distiller

Original, Unmistakable, Mediterranean. According to tradition, dedicated to the island of Panarea for its typical character.

Perfect in cocktails, delicate when sipped straight and iced, Panarea Vodka can satisfy the tastes and palates of the most demanding consumers.

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Distilled from pure Italian grain alcohol, Panarea Vodka contains Mediterranean aromas that go well with famous cocktails such as the Vodka Martini, and are enriched with unexpected notes thanks to the sophisticated and singular taste of the distillate. The alcohol content is 40% and the formula contains no gluten, allergens, or artificial additives.

The online gin sale service

Explore the Inga family’s online gin shop, where you can purchase the spirits and request home delivery. Courier delivery will reach domestic (Italian) destinations within a few days. The staff remains at the customer’s complete disposal for detailed information about delivery times and for quotes on important orders. At the same time, you will be able to receive more details about the best combinations and international cocktails. The flavor of this distillate has distinctive and bold characteristics that make it ideal for experimentation.

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