Panarea Gin

Panarea Gin,a juniper distillate with the aromas of Sicily

Gin, Made in Italy: in search of Mediterranean nuances

The experience gained over a century of history means that the quality of Inga family products is assured. Although grappas and amari have always been the main focus of the company, the new juniper distillate has gained national and international appreciation in recent years. Panarea Gin is a brand with a noticeable Mediterranean character, one that distances itself from the classic London Dry Gin. Flavors of citrus and fragrant herbs are balanced in two distinct recipes that are appreciated both for direct consumption and as a base ingredient for mixology enthusiasts. For more details on online sales or pairings, write to the staff via the email form.

Italian gin andInga family recipes

Panarea IslandGin

Juniper and lemon distillate with a special touch of Panarea myrtle and coriander. The citrusy and spicy flavor interacts nicely with other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. From a gin and tonic to a Negroni, cocktails made with Panarea gin take on unexpected aromas thanks to the sophisticated and singular taste of the spirit. The alcohol content is 44% and the formula contains no gluten, allergens, or artificial additives.


Panarea SunsetGin

More aromatic and fresh than Panarea Island Gin, this distillate is ideal for sipping as much as for cocktail making. On the palate, notes of lemon, orange and grapefruit immediately stand out. Intertwining notes of basil and myrtle enhance the flavor. Like a symphony of well-balanced sounds, the product is intense without sacrificing lightness. Here too, the alcohol content is 44% and there is no trace of allergens or artificial additives.

The online gin sale service

Explore the Inga family’s online gin shop, where you can purchase the spirits and request home delivery. Courier delivery will reach domestic (Italian) destinations within a few days. The staff remains at the customer’s complete disposal for detailed information about delivery times and for quotes on important orders. At the same time, you will be able to receive more details about the best combinations and international cocktails. The flavor of this distillate has distinctive and bold characteristics that make it ideal for experimentation.

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