My grappa

A selection of premium grappasmade from grape varieties unique to the region

My Grappa: Lorenzo Inga Selection

My Grappa is the Inga family’s label focusing primarily on a series of premium white and aged grappas. Each of these distillates is made from a single grape variety, thereby maintaining their unique flavor and aromatic characteristics. Below, the distinctive features of the different products are outlined. The staff is available for any detailed questions about the available products and online purchasing.

MenuFine white grappas

My Grappa Barbera

Grappa diBarbera

An intense and wine-like aroma and flavor: Barbera grappa stands out for its berry notes and velvety fragrance.

Grappa diMuller Thurgau

This grape variety was invented by the famous Swiss enologist Hermann Muller in Germany at the end of the 19th century. On the palate it has a dry and persistent aroma and flavor.

My Grappa Barbera

Grappa diBarbaresco

Spicy and robust, the Barbaresco distillate is one of the most interesting offerings on the My Grappa label. The fragrance and flavor are a mix of floral, spicy, and bitter notes.

Grappa diRecioto

This grappa has a delicate aroma with raspberry undertones. Classic aroma of raisins and ripe fruit.

Grappa diBrunello

Distillate with a fruity aroma and flavor, with hints of red grapes, long lasting in the palate, velvet perfume with a
touch of wild berries fragrances.

Grappa Antica PortaGavi - white and barrique

Grappa Antica Porta Gavi white: has a very fruity and persistent aroma.

Grappa Antica Porta Gavi barrique: slightly bitter on the palate with notes of vanilla and bitter almond.

My Grappa aged grappas


My GrappaBarrique

An amber blend of Moscato d’Asti, Barbera, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo grapes. The distillate rests for two years in Limousin oak casks and then it is aged in smaller oak casks for twelve more months. Very fruity aroma and taste, soft, with hints of vanilla, raisins, peach, and apricot.


Grappa Antica Portadi Gavi Barrique

This distillate is obtained from Piedmontese grapes and aged for at least a year and a half in Limousin oak casks and barriques. The result is a smooth product with hints of vanilla and dried fruit.

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