Maestro Cafè

How Maestro Cafè is made

We use the best natural ingredients together with a very fine coffee distillate, mixed with high quality cream. The result is a delicate and not overly thick product, to be enjoyed mixed with ice or as a base for fantastic cocktails like the espresso martini.

1832-1931Maestro Cafè

Many Italian emigrants have gone in search of new dreams in faraway lands. One of those lands is Brazil.

The Dalpozzo family moved to Brazil in the 19th century as colonists, to work on the coffee plantations.

1832 – It all began in the city of Noto, Sicily, where the Inga family began its adventure in the world of liquors and distillates. In 1930, the family moved to Piedmont, where they built the foundations for the development of famous brands and products still managed by the Inga family after more than 4 generations.

1931 – Mateus Dalpozzo, one of the descendants of the Dalpozzo family, also dedicated himself to the production of cachaca, wines and liquors and not only took part in the colonization of Brazil but also introduced a new style of production of local liquors.

2018— As fate would have it, the descendants of the Inga and Dalpozzo families met to develop a unique recipe for an extraordinary product called “Maestro Café”, an aromatic symphony with a delicate note of coffee that reflects the passion and excellence that these two families have put into creating this liqueur.

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