Lorenzo Inga selection

From buying limoncello online to Maestro Café,the Italian liqueurs on offer

Liqueurs “Made in Italy”: the taste of the territory

In addition to the products of the My Grappa and Lorenzo Inga Selection lines, the company offers a wide range of cordials. Below is an introduction to the sweet Italian liqueurs in the collection.

Traditional Italian liqueurs andsweet Sicilian liqueurs


Liqueur made from Sicilian lemons, fresh and light (25% ABV). A sophisticated flavor, less sugary than commercial limoncello, with slightly bitter notes and a velvety smooth texture on the palate. Original Limoncello should be served iced and can be added to gelato.


A digestive liqueur made from infusions of Sicilian lemon peel and lemon juice. At 30% ABV, it is stronger than the Limoncello Originale. The taste is smooth, acidic, and fragrant with the bitter notes provided by the lemon peels.


Low-calorie liqueur (17% ABV) produced from Sicilian oranges. An eye-catching color and a fresh, aromatic taste: this liqueur can be enjoyed chilled (not iced) or as a base for cocktails and mixed drinks.


Dense and fragrant chocolate cream liqueur with low alcohol content (17% ABV). The chocolate flavor is dominant and delicious. Serve chilled or add to vanilla ice cream.


Thanks to Gaetano Inga’s traditional recipe, you can enjoy this infusion of star anise seeds. Thanks to its high alcohol content (38% Vol), the liqueur retains its notable digestive properties while remaining delicate and smooth, releasing all the intense aroma of star anise.


Liqueur inspired by the soft amaretti di Gavi – this product is made according to a traditional recipe based on bitter almond extracts. The flavor is smooth with almond tones and hints of caramel, vanilla, and black cherry. It can be served on the rocks, with orange juice or cola.

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