Gran Milano Bitter


Gran MilanoBitter Aperitivo

The Inga family has recently launched a tantalizing new aperitif on the Italian and international markets: the Bitter Gran Milano!

This product was developed after months of careful study and tasting. The result is a unique liqueur with a bold character, always keeping in mind that it also makes a terrific base for famous cocktails like the Negroni and the Americano.

Gran Milano stands out for its freshness, due in part to the infusion of rosemary in the mixture of ingredients, but also for its smoothness and an intense aroma of herbs and spices carefully blended by us and our technicians, such as cinchona, Roman wormwood, gentian root, cardamom, and ginger… an explosion of aromas and scents, all so well mixed as to allow the product to be called a genuine Bitter – but very different and simply unique!

Its 26.2% ABV is higher than the leading product on the market, meaning that when mixed with other characteristic products such as vermouth and gin, it maintains a very consistent aromatic note even after adding ice.

The elegant and refined packaging, which is slightly reminiscent of that of Panarea gin, and a simple yet stylish bottle give Bitter Gran Milano a vivid and stylish personality, as well as a nice visual impact on the bar counter and on the shelves of the best wine shops!

The online gin sale service

Explore the Inga family’s online gin shop, where you can purchase the spirits and request home delivery. Courier delivery will reach domestic (Italian) destinations within a few days. The staff remains at the customer’s complete disposal for detailed information about delivery times and for quotes on important orders. At the same time, you will be able to receive more details about the best combinations and international cocktails. The flavor of this distillate has distinctive and bold characteristics that make it ideal for experimentation.

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