Antico Amaro di Serravalle

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Antico Amarodi Serravalle

The Inga family owns an ancient recipe book written by hand by Lorenzo’s great-grandfather, Gaetano Inga, who from the distant Noto, in Sicily, where the family owned properties and distilleries specializing in the production of wines, marsala and liqueurs since the early 1900s moved to Serravalle Scrivia, in Piedmont, where he bought and renovated a small liqueur factory called Gambarotta which in the years to come became a renowned distillery, producer of the well-known Libarna grappa and Gambarotta amaro.

Among the old formulas that appear in the recipe book, there is that of a medicinal herbal elixir of which the legend is told that an old Capuchin friar had developed it to treat cholera epidemics in India in the 1700s.
It is an artisanal product made up of more than 22 herbs, roots and barks mixed together in the right proportions and infused in alcohol and water for at least two months.

It is a very soft digestive liqueur, where no ingredient prevails over the other and where you can recognize aromas of orange, mint, rhubarb and many others.
It is drunk neat or on the rocks as an aperitif, but it is also recommended mixed with ice cream or added to coffee.

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